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About village gallery

We sell a great selection of antique, less-old and new art, craft, ceramics, glass, jewellery, sculpture and silver. We are Lalique specialists (and York’s official stockist), offer a bespoke jewellery service, and additionally have rolling exhibitions of work by mainly local artists. We’ve recently welcomed in the work of two new (to us) artists … Penny Page and Francesca King are both York based artists. Penny uses a variety of media including watercolours and oils, and we’ve also some of her etchings. Francesca is a (predominantly) ceramics artist, producing wall hanging ceramic art. Francesca works a lot on wall mounted decorated head profiles and also jewellery. Some of the head profiles are actually portraits of real people, with the decoration being symbolic interpretations of things important to and pertaining to their life. Francesca will take on commissions. Come and talk to us if you would like your own portrait done in this way.

Current 2D art selling exhibition

Our latest exhibition is a bit different from our normal offering … “Scandinavian art”, or to be precise Scandinavian and some German art, features work from the 1950s up to the current day from a variety of companies, designers and artists. Our upstairs 2D art space has been taken over not by pictures, but ceramic wall plaques, floor lamps and vases, and Swedish rugs. Downstairs we’ve cleared space for more ceramics, glass and jewellery. Amongst the ceramic wall plaques we have several by Helmut Schäffenacker. Helmut opened his studio in 1948 in Ulm, Germany, and started producing wall plaques in the late 1950s. Helmut retired in 1994 and died at the age of 89 in 2010, leaving behind a wide range of sculptures and works in public and commercial spaces. Bjørn Wiinblad established his own studio pottery workshop in 1951, where he continued to work alongside his collaborative work with Rosenthal, a partnership which lasted 50 years and during which time he was also their chief designer. Bjørn’s work is characterised by whimsical round faced people dressed in fanciful costumes. His work can be found in museums across the world. Swedish glass designer/maker Victor Lindstrand began work at Orrefors in the 1920s. In 1943 he became the creative leader at Uppsala Ekeby and then in 1950 he joined Kosta as artistic director, staying there until he retired in 1973 … but he carried on working as a freelance artist at Studio Glashyttan in Ähus until he died in 1983. Other “names” in the exhibition include Flygsfors (glass), Gustavsberg, Royal Copenhagen and Søholm (ceramics and wall plaques), David Andersen and Else and Paul (jewellery) and Svenska Klodetaeppe (rugs). The works in the exhibition will not be available online, so you will have to make a trip – we’re sure you will find it worth your while. The exhibition runs until 14th September.

New in

Under the title of “The essence of speed”, the second of a series of three limited edition car mascots by Lalique in collaboration with McLaren has arrived. Last year the model was a racing Cheetah. This year’s is the Falcon. The superb sculpture is being produced in a limited edition of just 375. The base, fashioned to look like an engine’s piston, contains an LED light, which lights up the sculpture to dramatic effect (it’s also a nod to the very early days of car mascots that were lit from below when mounted on the bonnet of a car). Both the Cheetah and Falcon mascots retail at £1,750 and both are in stock. A larger version is also being made in a limited edition of just 20 … happy to order it for you, but will not be carrying it in stock (rrp £45,000!).

Opening hours

village gallery is open from Tuesday to Saturday, 10am until 5pm. Of course, you could just stay in and shop from your pc - our website is open for business 24 x 7.


We know many of you are not able to just drop in to see the art and craft work, and all the other goodies, so we do try to keep our sister website village-on-the-web.com up to date with all the new offerings, not always successfully, but we’re pretty close at the moment. Even if you are more local, it might be worth a visit, as we have many more pieces that we don’t have space for in the shop.


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