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About village gallery

We sell a great selection of antique, less-old and new art, craft, ceramics, glass, jewellery, sculpture and silver. We are Lalique specialists (and York’s official stockist), offer a bespoke jewellery service, and additionally have rolling exhibitions of work by local artists. Artists currently being showcased include Edward Waites, Rebecca Mason, Malcolm Ludvigsen, Fiona Calder, Meg Ashley, Ailsa Nicholson, Narissa Mather and Ralph Shuttleworth.

Current 2D art selling exhibition

Our latest exhibition featuring the works of Kate Smith launches with  a preview on Monday 21st January, and then runs through February to 2nd March. Kate Smith lives in Whitby, and it’s here that she gets much of her inspiration. Drawing on her sculptural background Kate works predominantly in oils applied with a palette knife, using the palette knife in much the same way as she would have used tools to carve sculptures. Her exaggerated use of colour and thick layers of paint help to build-up light and texture. This technique has become a fundamental aspect of her style, along with a love of local craftsman-built traditional fishing boats that are the subjects of much of her recent work. Kate’s work has been in several galleries and exhibitions in Whitby, and she has shown at the Staithes art festival for the last two years. In 2018 Kate was a finalist in the Art& Raw Talent programme, and this year (2019) has been accepted for the North Yorkshire Open Studios festival.

Jewellery service

Are you planning an engagement/wedding this year, or do you know someone who is? Do you have a special occasion or anniversary you would like to mark with a unique piece of jewellery? Perhaps we can help. We have on hand the services of a talented jewellery designer - Paul Allinson - who can design and make jewellery to your specification and budget. The photo alongside was an interlocking engagement and wedding ring set that was commissioned by one of Paul’s clients for their special day. Now it is getting a bit close to get something in time for Valentine’s Day, but we understand that this year Poundland can help with something temporary whilst we fulfil your dream!

New in

The floral prints and cards by York artist Fiona Calder have been a great  addition to the gallery. For the most part we have only stocked Fiona’s blank (message) cards, but over Christmas we did have some with seasonal greetings to specific relatives. And now, Fiona has dropped in a range of cards for Easter (21st April) and Mother’s day (31st March) too … and a few that are not out of place for Valentine’s day. These cards are only available instore. As well as Fiona’s cards, we also have cards by Rebecca Mason, Allen Humphries and Simon Wilcox.

Opening hours

village gallery is open from Tuesday to Saturday, 10am until 5pm. Of course, you could just stay in and shop from your pc - our website is open for business 24 x 7.


We’ve just got the latest price list from Lalique that comes into effect in February. A number of prices do go up, and there are quite a few pieces that are being dropped from the catalogue. So if you are thinking about any particular piece, let us know and we can let you know whether you need to be quick or not.


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