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About village gallery

We sell a great selection of antique, less-old and new art, craft, ceramics, glass, jewellery, sculpture and silver, including Lalique, Royal Crown Derby, Royal Worcester and Scottish Silver. We regularly showcase the work of contemporary artists including Edward Waites, Rebecca Mason, Malcolm Ludvigsen, Narissa Mather and Ralph Shuttleworth. The gallery also hosts selling exhibitions of art – both 2D and 3D - by local artists. These run back-to-back, each lasting for around six weeks.

Current 2D art selling exhibition

For our latest exhibition, we invited back two of our previous exhibitors, Hilary Thorpe and Malcolm Ludvigsen. Both are Yorkshire based, both are plein-air artists (they paint on location and in whatever conditions the weather throws at them) and both frequent the same places. But, they have radically different styles and observations, so we thought it would be interesting to put them up against each other! The previous two exhibitions we’ve had in the gallery have had the works of artists who prefer to depict bad weather images, so when setting the brief for this exhibition, and to counter the fact that we are moving into the dark cold nights of winter, we said “summer pictures only” … and, despite some minor grumbling from Malcolm who thinks bad weather skies are far more interesting, “Memories of Summer” is the result. The exhibition runs until 19th January, and the works can also be seen online in the “village art” shop on village-on-the-web (dot com).

More jewellery

Jewellery designer/maker and sculptor Paul Allinson creates bold statement pieces some of which we have in store. And, with Paul we can offer a bespoke jewellery service … jewellery designed and made to your specification and budget. Alongside Paul we have also brought in Ailsa Matfin. Ailsa’s jewellery is made of silver and sea glass - sea glass is glass found on beaches besides bodies of salt water, weathered by the constant tumbling amongst sand and rocks, driven by the tidal salt water waves, which produces a smooth natural frosted glass. Each piece of Ailsa’s work is unique as it is made for the piece of glass, rather than cutting the glass to make a uniform design. Despite this Ailsa’s work is very affordable so makes great gifts (or self-treats).

Also new in

It’s been a busy month - in addition to a new exhibition and Ailsa Matfin, we’ve also welcomed the work of Phil Turner, Meg Ashley, Ruth Foster and Ailsa Nicholson (you spend ages waiting for an Ailsa to come along, then two come along together!). Phil Turner from York is another wood turner, who produces simple but elegant bowls and boxes, and the work contrasts well against the sculptural work of Ralph. Meg Ashley is ceramicist and mixed media artist. Much of her work brings a smile to your face with her (named) Pigs and Sheep, and her fishing boat sculptures. And alongside these she produces simple practical vases with impressed floral designs. Ruth Foster is a fused glass artist. Her work includes colourful coaters and bowls, including an amazing “orange peel” square bowl that sets her work apart from others. Ailsa Nicholson is a Whitby artist who works in ceramics and glass. It is some of her sculptural glass pieces we now have instore and online.

Opening hours

village gallery is open from Tuesday to Saturday, 10am until 5pm. Friday is late night shopping day in York this year, with many shops staying open longer, and the park and ride buses operating until 11pm+. So you can shop, maybe have a drink and a meal, and still get home safely. And we’re staying open until 7pm … plus we’re opening Sundays in December too. Of course, you could just stay in and shop from your pc - our website is open for business 24 x 7


Our selling website is finally up to date (though don’t know how long for) and it includes the works of all the new artists mentioned here, and not forgetting the batik of Rebecca Mason, the wood turning of Ralph Shuttleworth, art from Julie Lightburn, Allen Humphries and Roz Jennings (and others), the sculpture of Edward Waites, jewellery, old and new silver, old and new Lalique, and much more. With prices starting at under £10 you’ll not be stuck for ideas (or hints to drop) for the coming festive season.


To browse through our stock, please visit our sister site at https://www.village-on-the-web.com. Don’t forget you can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.